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    An online store is a specialized website that offers visitors the opportunity to purchase certain products or services. The idea of ​​selling something "over the Internet" by age is comparable to the Internet itself. However, the period of intensive development of online stores is connected with the appearance of the Web. An online store can also be created by a trading company that already has extensive sales experience "offline" and a team of enthusiasts who decided to start online immediately. Online trading has a number of distinctive features that require a particular approach.

    Planning an online shop, first of all, you should determine the goods that will be sold. In principle, selling through the Internet can be any product - from nails to real estate in Spain. However, there are some advantages for goods in some degree unique and, at the same time, do not require the personal presence of a buyer to purchase.

    A common kind of unique goods, widely represented in online stores, are various author's "art products". For example, paintings, dolls, teddy bears etс. In addition to the uniqueness (defined by the author's work), such a product does not require an obligatory personal "inspection" by the buyer, before the latter decides to purchase.

    Of course, many other factors influence the success. An important and well-designed virtual showcase is important. The absence of a physical "trading hall" means that the quality of the presentation of the goods on the website of the store plays an important role in motivating the purchase. Therefore, the cost of creating a detailed electronic catalog of goods can be very large. At the same time, most of the expenses, in many cases, will not be connected with the technical part: the market presents ready-made solutions for creating virtual display cases on the Internet, but with the preparation of the initial materials for the catalog: colorful photographs, qualitative descriptions of the goods.