Grid pinterest blogger templates - themes

    In one of the articles we considered plug-ins for creating a grid of blocks with the style of Pinterest (Grid style). Now consider the templates of Blogger with the ready solution of such design.

    All the templates from this collection are responsive. Records are arranged vertically and fill all the space allocated to the tape, thereby preventing the occurrence of "holes" (empty areas) that occur if the height of the content in the neighboring block is higher or lower. Output tape in this format is sometimes called "brick". Most often, to implement a brick grid in the style of Pinterest use the jQuery library Masonry. It is also present in the arsenal of many of the templates listed below.
    This collection contains templates that are targeted for blogs. But no one forbids them to look for another use. The style of Pinterest looks very cool and can be applied on sites with reviews of movies, games, online stores to display a list of products, portfolio.