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Deep Sky Responsive Blogspot Theme

September 23, 2019
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Friends offer you to read and purchase for use on your websites and blogs our new premium magazine blogger template \ theme Deep Sky. What you need to know about this template. Firstly, it is ideal for such topics as photo gallery, portfolio, wallpaper for PC and other devices, games, video blogs, trailers, information sites and blogs, fashion and style, cooking, wedding websites, clothes, cars, drinks And food, nature, culture, personal - own blogs, business and other creative topics. Secondly, the template is fully responsive for all devices. The third topic is SEO optimized for search engines.

Structure and widgets of Deep Sky theme

Wanted to somehow dilute the already familiar picture observed when viewing blogger templates. I do not know how much it was possible, you the Boss). I think it will be clear from how many offers on it. Now go through the structure and widgets.


Deep sky is compact and at the same time wide enough. This is helped by the game of columns. On the main page is only one columns for blogposts, and on pages with posts you can see right column - sidebar. There is no additional columns in the footer section (for a similar type of theme they are not needed).


Geader of theme includes three blocks: this is the main title, the main menu and the search window. Menu without drop-down cells, the search box appears when you click on the icon.


There are a lot more widgets in the body, you can even say 90 percent. The first is the Automatic slider, which can display the last posts or posts with a specific label. Works only on the main page.

Next we see the section for advertisements. In total was added three section. Between the slider and the posts on the main. Between header and posts on item pages and on the same pages with posts at their end (rather, after the end of the content).

The posts on the main page are arranged in Grid style with uniform height and width parameters. Have the ability to display thumbnail images from the video player youtube and vimeo.

Paginal navigation is present in the form of buttons next and previous page. Numbered navigation does not look like this was chosen in this way.

The rest of the widgets will not cover, finally hooked Similar posts with the scroll function, Shortcuts in the form of a list and Popular messages.


Widget subscribe to the blog updates via Email (Subscribe to our newsletter). You can be proud of such a widget. And visitors will undoubtedly want to try it out at least for the sake of interest.

Widget Contact form the most stylish (hehe).

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