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May 27, 2023
Miona Blogger template


Here is a new theme submitted. The appearance of the theme is quite simple, responsive, and also SEO friendly. It is also available in three theme options.

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Miona Blogger template


Miona large layout Blogger Template. Simple info style posts system and a large image display on item posts. So this theme better to use for creative niches such as photography, art, etc.

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ioBlue Blogger Template


is a simple blogger template. The most important part of this theme it's a convenient and clean design. Also basic SEO is almost ready, but some points still need to finish. The ioBlue blogger template has everything you need to start blogging. For example:

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Fiksioner Blogger template

Fiksioner Btheme 

is ideal for Personal Blog. Modern, Classic template and fully responsive/ Fiksioner looks stylish and sophisticated, You can have fun on the run by posting news, articles, videos, photos, links and other.

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Frameify blogger template


Template constructed on the new series of themes such as Soho, Notable, Emporio, Contempo. Fast and usable Theme for cryptocurrency niche or other news products.

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touchcade blogger template


Responsive full width Blogger template. usual blogspot design with some new tips and tricks. Use this Theme for news Website or Personal blog about Technology.

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sora paper blogger template

Sora Paper

This is compact and simple theme for showcasing a beautiful fully responsive design while sitting on a very secure and carefully written code base. It is clean and responsive template that is ready and waiting to be transformed into your personal blog or dynamic webmagazine site. Sora Paper has everything you need to start blogging.

Demo Download

cleator blogger template


simplae blogger template with news style posts

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Dyna Blogger Template


Demo Download

Shareme blogger template


simple style blogger template with full width navigation menu

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blogger template with ready structured data.

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Sanai Blogger Template

Sanai Blogger Template

Demo Download

spicer blogger template


classic Blogger template for personal blogs.

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nextbite blogger template


compact - mini blogspot theme (2018)

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glossier blogger template


A simple blogspot theme with stylish design. Most important part of this theme it's convenient and clean design. At first it may seem that the template design is very simple, but it does not prevent him look stylish in relation to other templates. Also basic SEO is almost ready, but some points still need to finish.

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neckel blogger template

Neckel btheme

Demo Download

revoltify 2 blogger template

Revoltify 2 

is a simple blogger template with stylish design. Most important part of this theme it's convenient and clean design. At first it may seem that the template design is very simple, but it does not prevent him look stylish in relation to other templates.

Demo Download

Optima blogger template 2018


Demo Download

plarius blogger template


Demo Download

G Vusion 2 blogger template

G Vusion 2

Demo Download

robusta blogger template 2018


Use this theme for such niches as Games, Sport, Poilitcs, Business news, Movies, etc. Robusta include Subscribe email box, Nav Menu, Ads section, Social buttons, Page navigation and much more.

Demo Download

nimbus blogger template 2017


is a template with large format posts. Use this theme for such niche as Fashion, Reviews, House Design, Nature, Animals, Movies news, other. The content will look great not only on small devices but even on wide large displays.

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Evently Blogger Template theme 2017

Evently Blogger Template

5 columns, Breaking news, Colored social icons, Topnav, Search window, Ads section, Dropdown menu, Share buttons, Vutton back to top, Numbered paganavigation, Blue colors, Advertisment in posts, Lightbox, Next Previous posts, About author widget, Related articles, Blogger comment system, Lazy loading pictures in homepage posts

Demo Download

Luminescence Lite blogger template

Luminescence Lite

Topic: Personal blog, Travel, Home interior, Nature, Nature, Animals, Cultures.

Demo Download

shouters blogger template

Shouters Blogger Template

Shouters Features: 2 columns, 3 footer columns, Sticky dropdown menu, Numbered page navigation, Right sidebar, Social icons follow us, Blue - whitet colors, Responsive design, Custom blogger comment form, Social buttons

Demo Download

beyonce blogger template 2018

Beyonce Pro 

is a simple news type theme with some featured widgets. It was build on the new blogger HTML code. You can use Beyonce for a compact website.

Demo Download

invision blogger template

Invision Blogger Template

Demo Download 

mdfostrap blogger template material design

MDfostrap red

material design Blogger Template
Demo Download

Ux blogger template

Ux Blogger Template

Demo Download



I shared by this template with my friend who wants a fast loading blog, lightweight, and combined with an interesting look. This template also supports some important features such as responsive, seo friendly, validation on HTML5 and CSS3, high CTR, dynamic heading and much more.

Demo Download

Simplest Blogger Template

Simplest Blogspot Theme

Demo Download

blanter nova blogger template

Blanter Nova Blogger Template

Demo Download

kerensive blogger template


Demo Download 

simple catch blogger template

Simple catch

Demo Download

Cetar Blogger Template


Demo Download

gampang blogger template

Gampang Blogger Template

News type of theme, Two main columns, Sticky Topbar, Social icons, Search window, Dropdown menu, Numbered pagenavigation, Recent posts widget, Subscribe by email widget, Advertisment section, Share buttons, Next Previous article, Related posts, Blogger comments with spoiler

Demo Download

Spike Blog Blogger Template

Spike Blog Blogger Template

Personal and News type of theme, Six columns, Header with background image, Dropdown menu, Search box, Numbered pagenavigation, Breadcrumbs, Stylish labels CSS3, Share buttons, Back to top button, Related articles, Blogger comment form.

Demo Download

evento event blogger template

Evento Event

Two columns, Sticky dropdown menu, Search box, Ready advertisment, Auto red more, Numbered navigation, Social icons and buttons, Breadcrumbs, Lightbox, Related posts, Newer Older posts, Blogger comments, Blue color.

Demo Download

Eva Fashion blogger template 2017

Eva Fashion

5 columns, Sticky topnav, Auto read more, Social icons and buttons, Numbered pagenavigation, Follow by email widget, Simple recent posts without thumbnails, About author widget, Search box, Ready advertisment section in posts, Lightbox, Related articles widget, Newer Older article, Blogger comment form, Green color, Responsive layout.

Demo Download

SimpleON blogger temlate

SimpleON Blogspot Theme

Is a flexible, clean, mobile-friendly, simple responsive Blogger theme, perfect for any news, viral content websites, personal blog or publishers. The theme is developed using SEO in mind, so that you can easily climb the Google ranking.

Demo Download

Typography Blogger Template


List style, 1column, Sticky dropdown menu, Pop-up search window, Read more, Button back to top, Numbered pagenavigation, Breadcrumbs, Share buttons, Social icons, Next Previous posts, Related posts, Disqus comments, Mostly red color, No images for homepage posts.

Demo Download

Vipi Blog Blogger Template

Vipi Blog

2 main columns, 3 footer columns, Topbar, Social icons, Horizontal menu, Dropdown search box, Auto read more, Numbered pagenavigation, Sidebar widget switcher, Recent posts with thumbnails, Breadcrumbs, About author box, Share buttons, Older Newer article, Related posts, Blogger system comment, Black and

Demo Download

Lauren Blogger Template


List style blog, Top scrolling bar, Two columns, Hidden sidebar, 3 levels dropdown menu, Search box, Numbered pagenavigation, Subscribe by email widget, Homepage posts without pictures, Time for reading widget, Button on top, Social buttons, Previous Next posts with thumbnails, Related articles, Blogger comments, Light colors, Responsive layout, Narrow content wrap.

Demo Download

Monica blogger template


Features: 2 columns, dropdown menu, Buttons page navigation, Right sidebar, Social icons follow us, yellow colors, responsive design, Custom blogger comment form, Social buttons

Demo Download

Neue Blogger Template


Material design, four columns, Horizontal menu, Widget about me, Pagenavigation, Social buttons, Related posts, Blogger comments, Lightbox, Button scroll to comment form, Almost responsive layout.

Demo Download 

Ozura Blogger Template


Demo Download

Frostali Blogger Template


Demo Download

Easy Blog Bloger template

Easy Blog

Demo Download 

Personasive blogger template


Horizontal menu, Search box, Numbered pagenavogation, Social share buttons, Compact layout, Blogger comments, Green and black colors, Grey background font, Ready advertise section

Demo Download

Blog Way blogger template

Blog Way

2 columns, 4 footer columns, Sticky dropdown menu, Pagenavigation, One sidebar, Social icons follow us, Black and orange colors, Responsive design, Custom blogger comment form, Social buttons share this, About author, Subscribe by email, Related posts

Demo Download

TruePixel Blogger template


Dropdown menu, Numbered pagenavigation, Social icons follow us, Red - black colors, Responsive design, Custom blogger comment form, Slider, Multi tab, Email subscribe, Button baack to  top, Breadcrumbs

Demo Download

authority blogger template


2 main columns, Topbar, Sticky Dropdown menu, Search box, Multi tab, Social instruments, Numbered pagenavigation, Button back to top, About author, Related posts, Email subscribe, Blogger and Facebook comments, Blue and Black colors

Demo Download

Revoltify Alternate 3 blogger template

Revoltify Alternate 3 

5 columns, Background title image, Dropdown menu, Search window, Auto read more, Gadget multi tab, Numbered pagnavigation, Button back to top, Subscribe by email, Social buttons, Related posts, Next previous post, Light colors, Blogger comments with emoticon,

Demo Download

Breeze blogger template


Sticky dropdown menu, Search box, Background image slider, Posts with video supported, Auto read more, Social icons and buttons, Related posts, Blogger comment form, Button back to top, Black and red colors

Demo Download

simplify blogger template


Demo Download

Bold blogger template


Top menu, Head title, Social icons, Second menu, About author, Advertisment, Page navigation, Button back to top, Parallax design, Next Previous posts, Related articles, Blogger comments, Light colors

Demo Download

Vienna lite blogger template

Vienna Lite

Demo Download

Sycon blogger template

Sycon blogger template

Dropdown menu, Search box, Pagenavigation, Supported video, Share buttons, Read more, About author, Blogger comment form, Background image, white dark and blue colors

Demo Download

Juliet blogger template


Dropdown menu, About author widget, Social icons and buttons, Pin it on pictures, Auto Read more, Numbered pagenav, Section for Instagram widget, Older Newer posts, Related articles, Blogger comments, black pink colors

Demo Download 

Simple banget blogger template

Simple Banget

Compact, Two columns, First menu, Dropdown menu, Search box, Simple page navigation, Scrollin function on top, Breadcrumbs, Social networks buttons, Related posts, Blogger comment form, Older Newer post, Red blue and grey colors

Demo Download

New interface blogger template

New Interface

Grey background, Header with Main title and logo, Simple search window, Large format for popular posts, Recommended posts, Share buttons integrated form new custom btemplates, High speed page loading,

Demo Download 

Alpha blogger template

Alpha Niche

Breaking news as Latest posts, social icons folow us, Main title, Ready Advertise, Search box, News style blogposts, Labals list and cloud, Subscribe by email box, Background picture, Share this buttons, related posts, Responsive design, Light-green color.

Demo Download

Flora Hand-Crafted blogger template

Flora Hand-Crafted 

Fully responsive, Customizing 404 Page, Posts on homepage support Youtube video, Buttons share in social networks, Search window, About author, Custom header picture.

Demo Download

Fantasy blogger template

Fantasy blogger template

When i have installed Fantasy blogger template on my test blog i saw that this theme have a lot of mistakes, but he liked me, so i decide to fix all this bugs. Mostly it was problem with icons and fonts.

1. Fixed icon for social buttons, date and post link
2. Fixed icon in menu and search window
3. Fixed icon for author box and post content on homepage
4. Update main title font
And much more.

Demo Download

marble blogger templates - themes 2017

Marble theme

Demo Download

Beauty - responsive blogger template


Beauty is a creative blogger template that is very easy to setup and comes with a great set of features. This theme is perfect for your online creative shop website. We have made our theme more dynamic and more performing, and it's our belief that this is the best beautiful blogger template which is perfect combination of design, technology and SEO. We install lots of features like responsive layout, SEO optimization, Instagram image banner, Clean shortcodes, Material design button and much more ..

Demo Download



Dreamline this is a classical responsive template for blogger (blogspot), which helps to make your website look great on smartphones and tablets, as well as it looks like on desktop devices. In short, this template is compatible with all devices. Adaptive and mobile friendly blogger topics are the most important indicator of the website or blog in search results. So you don't have to worry about it.

Demo Download


Publisher of this template was not very eloquent in describing his creation. So I share my opinion on his work. In general, everything is good, neat, clean design. Rainbow navigation bar (menu of the website). Also built additional leaves the menu on the left side. In the right sidebar menu included a sweep for gadgets. The truth is a little stretched widget shortcuts, but it does not matter, you can switch from a list to the cloud. Really liked the style of comments. In general, suitable template. Really clean!)

Demo  Download


I think would be symbolic if the first template, which will join the new collection will be called the 2016. Let's look at the possibilities of this blogger template. Webdesigner believes that 2016, even slightly ahead of the pace of development blogger. It may come as a blog for personal and professional use, also it has a good Seo optimization. Besides that it is equipped with the new consolidated script, which makes it even more adaptive to mobile devices.

Demo   Download

Arlina theme Blogger Template

Arlina theme

Demo Download

SimpleUP blogger template

SimpleUP 2 

columns, Sticky dropdown menu, Pop-up search window Featured post, Numbered pagenavigation, Sticky advertise, Social share buttons, Next previous posts, Related articles, Subscribe widget, Blogger comment form.

Demo Download

Blackpress Blogger Template


2 columns "blogposts" "sidebar", Minimal responsive design, Dark colors, Search box, Simple pagenavigation, dropdown menu, Related articles, Blogger comments, Recent posts "list", Classic blog style

Demo Download

yamanga blogger template


Demo Download

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