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March 23, 2018
ExGPress responsive premium bloggger template 2016

ExGPress premium blogger template

Where do I start it? Well, perhaps I'll start with what has been created is really a chic template that no doubt adequately address the global arena blogger. It surpasses the set of templates already beloved not only by simplicity, elegance and subtlety of its design, but also the best SEO optimization. If one were to briefly describe ExGPress I would say that this theme makes your heart beat faster.

Template speciality

In terms of functionality ExGPress not much different from other blogger templates, but still some differences in it. For example, do not always find a proper template for blogspot, which has a three-columnes, two of which are used to add widgets and gadgets (plus to this is to add as many as four bar at the bottom) and the automatic loading of posts better known as Infinite Scroller. And all of this is supported by the rapid loading of pages. On the merits of this monster can be a long time to tell, but time is not so much in this select only the most important components.

Template Structure

1. Main menu

Traditionally started form main menu, floated in the top position and encouraged all of us to not only drop-down cells, and a variety of icons, also integrated search window.

2. Template posts on the main page

Something similar to the type that is found in one of the dynamic blogger templates. And his style resembles a wall (news feed) from social networks. They mounted organizational string specifying the date, author, category and number of publications written comments to it. It has three effects visual highlight. Change the color elements and zoom.

3. Pagination or Infinite Scroller

About pagination already mentioned. And to be precise, it is not on the main page, there is a widget that automatically loads the previous posts. Another similarity with the wall of social networks. Previously, the main problem was the fact that with such a view of the blog does not count views, because the transition from one page to another, as is the case in the presence of pagination, it was not. But now this problem is solved, scroll down and you will notice a link in the address bar changes its name, and in the control panel, in the Statistics section you can see how the number of page views will increase.

4. Header and Footer of the template

We remember from the text above that ExGPress has two footers for widgets and gadgets that recently a rarity for blogger templates. As for widgets have just four pockets in the footer (bottom) of the template.

5. Template posts on item pages

Here you can select the updated look of the editor features such as:

  • Quotes 
  • Bulleted list 
  • Ordered list

Also updates got a widget to share in social networks, two buttons have been added to share in Odnoklassniki and Pinterest. Just looks refreshed form blogger comments. Finally it remains to note the new scroll button up, you obviously have never met with it, and adaptive design allows you to work your site or blog on mobile devices.

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