How to Create a Blog on Blogspot in 7 Steps

How to Create a Blog on Blogspot in 7 Steps

January 03, 2024

If you want to create a blog or website use for that Blogspot ( By using this platform you can easily make a private, or public blog, or even e-commerce website. The magic of Blogspot is that you can use a lot of different themes and widgets to get a site you want.

Another great thing is that you can write posts that will be indexed in search engines and that will make it possible to get the target audience. 

How to Create a Blog on Blogger

Now I'll show you the main steps for creating your own blog on

1. Create your account on Google. If you already have it just skip to the second step.
2. Now go to website and Press on the button Create your Blog.
create your blog

3. After this you'll need to verify it’s you. Click on your profile and enter a password from your Google profile. System bug: If the system will redirect you back to the Blogger home page click again on Create your Blog and then the Choose an account Page will be loaded just reload it and start to enter your password.

4. In a new window click on the Confirm button.

5. In the next window enter your blog Title for example: Blog about recipes

6. Now come up with a name for the domain. It must be short and memorable so that later users can easily find our blog.

7. In the final step you'll need to enter your NickName for the Blogger system.
Congrats! Now you have your own blog (website). To see him just click on the link View blog, which located on the left board.

Video Instruction

How to Blog on Blogger

Many people think that creating a blog is the most difficult thing, but it also needs to be maintained and promoted. In principle, there is nothing complicated in this, you just simply need to figure out how to do it correctly. For example, at the beginning I had problems due to the fact that I stubbornly did not want to study simple material. Then I will try to put everything on the shelves so that you do not have problems with the promotion of the blog.


Why do we need Posts? Posts are one of the main tools for blog promotion. With their help, we will write, for example, news, if we have a news site, recipes, be it a culinary site, etc. 


The Blogger also has a "Pages" section, which I thought I could use instead Posts. But you can't create categories and use additional widgets with pages.


Blogspot Layout
This is the structure of the blog. Here you can add a new gadget and place it in the most suitable place for you, as well as change the blog title, upload a header banner, and set a certain number of posts to be displayed on the Home page.


theme section
The Theme section will help you change or customize the template at any time. There are also a number of additional functions here, for example, saving a backup copy of the template on your device in case its settings are lost.


default blogger settings
In the Settings section there are many additional features that will definitely help you. Yes, there are a lot of settings, but they can be easily dealt with. For me, the most important functions are Save and restore content, Template messages and of course Comments. You can also set the blog language here.

SEO Settings

blogger seo settings
Regardless of the platform, a website needs to be optimized for search engines to interact with it better. Because the latter have come up with special SEO rules for every web resource that wants to promote itself with their help. The one who plays better by these rules collects all the profits accordingly.

Blog Customization

And this section is for those who want to improve their website significantly. To improve user experience on your blog, I recommend using the following tools:

Links are one of the most important functions of a blog. Thanks to them, we can direct users to other resources or pages on our blog.

It's much easier and more comfortable to navigate between blog pages with numbered pagination. It is easy and quick to install.

The main menu will give you the opportunity to display those posts or pages that you think need it most.

Another essential element for more convenient content viewing.

A navigation path with special markup will make the site even more convenient and help increase its ranking in search engines.

Tools for easy Blogging

To make the job of creating content and blogging in general easier, I use the following tools:

At times you need to quickly edit a picture so that readers can understand the right way to proceed, an online editor can help you with this.

Search engines value unique content, so I created a tool to generate my preview images. This way you can create your own unique preview images.

Compressing images will help keep your site's pages loading fast. Your readers will definitely thank you for it.

How to earn money

And this is not all, in fact, you can make money on your free blog by using Google Adsense and combine it with other affiliate programs, that will increase your monthly profit. Also, you can sell your products or services.

Watch video about Adsense:

Answers to the most common questions

1 How much space is available for blogging?
Each newly created Google account is allocated 15 gb of free space. In short, these 15 gb are distributed among all services: Google Disk, Google Photos, etc. You can spend it on one service or distribute it among the services you need.

2 How do I know how much space is left in my account?
Go to google drive - In the left board you will see the Storage subsection, which displays the amount of occupied memory.

3 How do I create a new blog if I already have one?
In the control panel, open the list of blogs by clicking on the name of the blog at the top left. In the list that appears, click on the "New Blog" tab.

4 How many blogs can I create in total?
You can create a maximum of 100 blogs on one account, no more than 10 per day.

5 How to create a website on blogger?
To create a website, use Themes \ Templates. With their help you will be able to recreate the desired type of site, whether it is online store, landing, news and any other type of website. Examples of sites.

6 How do I change the name of my blog domain?
If you want to change the name of the main title then go to Settings - Basic - Title. To change the name of the domain address , open the Settings - Publishing - Blog adress. Remember that after that all your pages at the old address domain will be deleted, including in search engines. This means that if you had visitors from Google, then after renaming the address, there will be no more hits.

7 How do I delete an unnecessary blog?
Go to Settings, scroll down till Manage Blog and click on Remove your blog.

8 How many publications and pages can I create?
An infinite number of text pages and posts.

9 What kind of traffic to Blogger?
Mostly search traffic. Unlike social networks, Blogger does not have its own base of search by tags, but it has its own community, which is achieved through subscriptions. And thanks to email subscription widgets and buttons for reposting to social networks, it is possible to increase traffic several times over.

10 How do I make my blog private?
Open the control panel, go to "Settings" > "Permissions". Click on "Reader access" and select the desired option, save your changes.

11 It's been a few weeks since I create a blog, but Google still doesn't see it, what the reason of this?
You have to wait for search engines to discover your blog. To speed up the process of getting into search, add your blog to Google Search Console: 
Also check the status of the blog, open your Blogger dashboard, click on Settings - Privacy: "Allow search engines to find your blog" should be activated. 

12 How can I optimize my Blog to get more visitors from Google search?
You can learn about SEO in this ultra mega-super guide.

13 How can i create teachers blog or website about education? 
First create a usual blog, and this gonna be enough, but if you want to make much professional install relevant Template. Choose Theme for education or simple blog.

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